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About Kiran's Spice Kits

Kiran's Spice Kits is born

With a busy lifestyle, I started making quick recipe kits for my own use. Then friends started asking for them...and Kiran's Spice Kits was born.

What's it all about?

I've never been a fan of processed food. Maybe because I grew up in a time when they didn't exist. And my parents always cooked from scratch. I guess I was lucky...I know what food should taste like! And I was taught to cook.

Busy lifestyle

But these days we all live busy lives. And we don't want to spend ages cooking, especially after a long day at work. We're pulled in different directions, with cooking for families. I'm often just cooking for myself, so I sometimes don't feel like putting in too much effort. But I still want tasty food. I just want it quickly!

Losing weight

I've worked hard to lose weight. Around 45lbs in total. And I definitely don't want to pile the pounds back on. But I love curries. Was brought up on them. And I love the spicy flavours.

Yes, I can have it all

So... I want food that's

  1. Quick to prepare
  2. Healthy, low in calories
  3. Tasty

We've been led to believe we can't have convenient food, without compromising on taste and our health. That's just SOOOO not true!!

I've put together recipe kits that are perfect on any diet, even on a plan like Slimming World or WeightWatchers.

The recipes with creamy coconut sauces are for when I'm feeling bit more indulgent.

I'll keep working on adding more recipes to the collection. Including kits for side dishes, rice and yoghurt dishes to name but a few.

I hope you like what's on offer.

Environmentally friendly packaging

I'm conscious that convenience can mean more packaging, impacting our environment. I've no desire to add to the burden of waste.

So...all recipe kits are packaged in recycled card. And the bag containing the spices is made from 100% compostable / biodegradable corn starch. Even the stickers are 100% biodegradable! See more on my environmental philosophy.