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Kiran's Spice Kitchen


Scrumptious healthy food is my passion. But I don't believe you need to slave to achieve it. I started these blends for my own hectic lifestyle. Then friends started to ask for them. So...it made sense to share them with everyone.

I started to learn to cook when I was just 8 years old. On my 8th birthday, my mum declared

“If you don’t learn to cook, nobody will marry you!”  


I later discovered the irony of that statement, as my Mum couldn’t cook a thing when she married my Dad. He taught her how to cook!

Having always been told that a woman's life was about getting married and having babies, I took my Mum’s statement quite seriously at the tender age of eight. Truth be told, though, I really loved it. I felt like a proper “grown up”.

I have fond memories of my Chachi (Aunt) teaching me to make chapattis. My Chacha (uncle) refused to eat them because they weren’t round. So my Aunt grabbed a large metal bowl to use as a “pastry cutter” to get them to conform to the appropriate shape. That still makes me laugh.

Later, I learnt a lot about cooking from my Dad. He was very exacting. It had to be just right, or it just wasn’t good enough. So I learnt not to settle for second best.

Fast forward to today…I still love cooking. And I love flavours from all over the world.

But no processed food for me. I still don’t believe in compromising on taste. And it turns out that I don’t have to.  I do have a very busy life and not always enough time to cook from scratch. But having lost about 45lb in weight, I don’t want to consume hidden sugars and preservatives that just mess with my body.

There's a myth that curries are a guilty pleasure, with that yellow coat of grease in your Friday night takeaway. My mission is to break that myth. There's no reason you can't have a delicious dinner any night of the week... without piling on the pounds. My friend tells me she can have these without the sins on her slimming plan. What's not to like?

Being a realist, I know most of us don’t have time to cook from scratch every evening after work. But we do want to stay healthy.

So here’s my promise to you…

My recipe kits will need no more than three extra everyday ingredients, and 15 minutes preparation time.

If I can’t make a recipe work, it just won’t make the cut. Simple.

All my recipe kit boxes are suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet.

I hope you enjoy my Recipe Kits. Each one takes a bit of time to develop, but I will keep adding more. As I build new blends, I’ll need your feedback. I will randomly select people from my Facebook page, and send a sample for you to try. If you’d like to be on the list, please like my Facebook page.


I look forward to enjoying some good food together.

Kiran x