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Makhan Chor Curry Spice Kit

Makhan Chor Curry Spice Kit

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This Spice Kit is a super special one.


My Dad taught me to cook, and this one was his Signature Dish. 

I've called it Makhan Chor, which translates to "Butter Thief"...an affectionate name for Lord Krishna who my Dad was named after. 

Eating this curry takes me back to being a teenager having dinner around the table with my brother and parents. 

Its rich with garlic, coriander seed, ginger and spices. Adding tomato puree to the spices creates a deeply rich masala sauce. 

As with most of my kits, this is super easy to use. Just add tomato puree and hot water. You'll get the best out of it with mutton, cooked in a slow cooker and let the flavours really develop. Mutton on the bone is best. You can replace it with lamb or goat. 


Vegetarian / Vegan

I recommend vegetables such as mushrooms or aubergines. Add some waxy or new potatoes. 

I've yet to try this one with jackfruit...I'll report back! If you've got suggestions please add them to my Facebook page facebook.com/kiranspicekits